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Climate Action Plan

This is Government’s annual plan that sets out how we will meet our climate commitments and reach EU and international climate targets.

Reports are published each quarter, and they show the progress we are making.

You can read more about the Climate Action Plan and Progress Reports at

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Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2021

This is a law that sets a target for Ireland to be a climate resilient and climate neutral economy by 2050. We call this the ‘National 2050 Climate Objective’. It requires Government to set a series of carbon budgets and it gives a new role to the Climate Change Advisory Council to help develop these budgets.

It also sets out the processes for how we develop our climate plans and policies to help us meet our climate objectives. For example, the Climate Action Plan must be updated each year.

You can read more about this new law at

Climate Change Advisory Council

This independent advisory body assesses and advises on how Ireland is doing in terms of becoming a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050.

You can find out more about the Council at

Climate Action Delivery Board

This is a group of secretaries general of government departments who are responsible for ‘actions’ under the Climate Action Plan. It monitors how well these actions are being achieved and it reports on progress to Government.

These progress reports are published every three months, and you can read them online at

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