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Carbon Footprint
Carbon footprint measures the carbon emissions linked to a particular activity or product. It includes emissions involved in all stages of making and using a product, or carrying out an activity.

The lower the carbon footprint the less that a product or activity contributes to climate change.

Examples: Walking and cycling create a much smaller carbon footprint than driving.

Related terms:

Climate Change
This is a change in long-term weather patterns due to natural forces, or human activity, or both.
Carbon Emissions
Carbon emissions are created when particular gases are released into the air from activities like burning fossil fuels for energy. It includes gases like carbon dioxide and methane. This is because they both contain carbon.

‘Carbon emissions’ is sometimes used as a shorthand to describe all greenhouse gases.

Carbon Dioxide / CO2
Carbon dioxide is a powerful greenhouse gas. It is naturally part of the air we breathe. However, human activities like burning of fossil fuels and deforestation have led to an increase in CO2 in the air that contributes to climate change.

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